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If you're like us, you're busy with work, family and friends, and your time is precious. Our fun, effective, results-driven workouts are one hour and designed by experienced, supportive trainers in a non-intimidating, friendly community.


Join The Fuse Fitness Family and Rediscover Your Inner Strength and Confidence!

Join our supportive, non-competitive, friendly fitness community and work with expert-level fitness and lifestyle coaches! Experience the joy of achieving your health and fitness goals and maintaining them for life!

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Small Group Training/Classes

  • A detailed health, fitness and movement assessment.

  • Variety of class times to meet your needs!

  • Classes led by expert level coaches who create a safe, fun, energetic, and supportive environment.

  • Functional training with a fusion of strength, HIIT, core, mobility/flexibility and agility training.

  • Our members are very supportive of each other and often become great friends!

  • Results focused: lean out, tone up, and increase your energy – all while having fun!


Private Training

  • A detailed health, fitness and movement assessment.

  • Work with an expert fitness coach who will create for you an individualized program catered to your goals, needs and fitness level.

  • Hour-long workouts with a fusion of strength, conditioning, core and flexibility training.

  • Positive motivation and support to keep you consistent and on track to reach your goals.

  • Results focused: lean out and tone up; move, feel and live better!

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