Semi-Private Training

Minimum 2 Sessions per Week—Minimum 3-Month Commitment—Starting at $499/month

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  • Personal training in a 3:1 client to trainer setting

  • We start with a free fitness consult that offers a detailed health, fitness and movement assessment

  • Customized strength training program specifically catered to your individual fitness goals and needs—each person in your group will be working on their own specific program that is designed specifically for them

  • Work with expert fitness coaches who will create you a tailored, customized program that is appropriate for your fitness level

  • Your program will progress in the safest way possibly to assure you reach your goals without getting injured, and get your best results!

  • Hour-long workouts that include 15 min. of warming up, 30 min. of customized strength training, 10 min. of conditioning and 5 min. of stretching

  • You do not need to have your own partner(s), we will place you into a group (although if you do have a partner who you want to workout with, we can do that too!)