kristin rios.png

Kristin Rios


NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
AFAA Certified Kickboxing Instructor
TRX Certified Instructor
B.A. UC Berkeley

Kristin has a strong athletic background that includes being a lifelong skier turned snowboarder, and competitive tennis and softball player. She developed an affinity for fitness at a young age, doing step-up power aerobics with her dad in the living room. This turned into a passion for seeking out and creating unique, challenging and fun exercise alternatives and led Kristin to explore gymnastics, rock climbing and kickboxing. She kicks butt in her powerful little 5’3” package, just ask any of her three brothers!

Kristin now kicks butt for a living. She makes sure that getting a tough workout doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Coaching classes and training clients is her passion, and she loves making a positive impact on people’s lives. Kristin is a dedicated motivator whose rapport with her clients leads to real friendship.





Gail Hotten


NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Madd Dogg Athletics Spin Instructor
B.A.  U.C. Berkeley

Gail is passionate about sports and fitness and working with people.  She combined those two passions when she became an instructor at a local gym in Berkeley years ago. Starting as a spin instructor, Gail found that she loves to teach and motivate others and then watch people’s fitness and technique improve.  Her love for teaching spin led to teaching bootcamp classes and becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. She loves working with clients, setting goals and then creating challenging and fun workouts.  She believes that fun comes from being challenged, training weaknesses and watching them become strengths. 

Gail promotes a balanced, active lifestyle and has a passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives. 


Pascha Brown


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Pilates Instructor (Balanced Body University)
TRX Certified Instructor
B.S. California State University Fresno

Pascha brings life, creativity and positive energy to help members and clients achieve their ultimate fitness goals.

As a mother she has been her own best client, exercising off more than 45lbs in only four months after delivery. With eight years in the fitness industry, she currently teaches Bootcamp and TRX Power classes and conducts personal training for individuals, partners and groups.

While Pascha’s programs are packed with variety and fun, you will still feel every bit of your workout. Her specialties include functional training, core conditioning, athletic training, and weight loss. Pascha excels in working with young people, the elderly, as well as women who are pre/post natal.




michelle mcMahon.png

Michelle McMahon


NETA Certified Personal Trainer
NETA Health and Wellness
NETA Indoor Cycling
NETA National Diabetes Prevention
B.S. Minnesota State University

Michelle McMahon adds a breath of fresh air to the Fuse Fitness team.  

Michelle began as lead HIIT Instructor at the prestigious USA Hockey Camps in Nisswa, Minnesota, and as the Director of Health & Wellness at the Takedown Fitness Center in Brainerd, Minnesota. She connects well with clients and has a wealth of knowledge in wellness coaching, personal training and group fitness. 

She specializes in positive body image, weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury prevention and endurance training.  Her enthusiasm for athleticism is contagious and if you seek a healthier lifestyle and a total body experience, let Michelle empower you to reach your best fitness potential. 


Fana Fuqua


AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR certification

Fana has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for over 10 years, and has an extensive background in high school, collegiate, masters and international athletics as both athlete and coach. She works with a wide range of clientele looking to achieve fitness through hard work and fun. Variety is the key for her clients, and she loves to design personalized programs and help clients measure their progress.

Fana offers core strengthening, cross training, and sports-specific training for all fitness levels and goals. Some of her group fitness classes include indoor cycling, core work, adult swim fitness, outdoor cycling sessions, Moms and Kids boot camp as well as sports conditioning for adults and teens. Her personal clients include everyone from older clients looking to maintain good health, to new moms, to athletes with conditioning goals.