Which service is Right for You?

Compare our Three Services Private Personal Training Semi-Private Personal Training Group Fitness
# of Participants 1:1 3:1 6-15 per class
Amount of Support Maximum support through your entire program,and 100% focus on you during your training sessions Professional and personalized training and instruction on your form, but motivation of the group and support from others Master level coaching in a social environment, spot corrections of form and technique, supportive community
Who is this for? This is the best fit for you if you’re 100% brand new to working out or have some serious injuries or health concerns. Also a great fit if you are an experienced exerciser and want to be pushed to the next level or have a very specific fitness/sports related goal. Best for you if you have been somewhat active before but are looking for accountability and more personal attention than group fitness. You don’t want to figure out what to do on your own and you want a strength training routine that you can stick to and designed specifically to your goals, but for less than one on one private coaching. Best for you if you are looking for a fun, challenging, energetic environment. This is great if you enjoy being in a group setting and are inspired by working with like-minded individuals. While our coaches always create a safe environment and are attentive to form, this service doesn't provide individualized attention.
Investment Level Our premium personal training service, in a 1-1 setting. Prices starting at $911/month. A budget friendly way to have the individual program design, guidance, and support of a personal trainer, in a small group setting. Prices starting at $499/month. Our least expensive service in a larger group setting. Prices starting at $179/month.