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New Year, New You

Hi Fusers! Happy New Year!! Here at The Fuse we are committed to making 2013 the year to accomplish all your fitness goals. We are here to help with fun, creative, well-designed workouts that will leave you leaner, stronger, more functional, and more balanced in mind, body and spirit.


"Clear your mind of can't." --Samuel Johnson

This quote inspires us to keep going, keep trying, to never give up. It's often too easy to quit when things get tough. Those last 10 burpees for example--are they hard? Absolutely. Would it be easier and more comfortable to quit. Sure. But in the end, is that the most rewarding choice, the one getting you closer to your goals? Probably not.  Rarely is the easier choice the best choice. Results, success and accomplishment simply come from good, old-fashioned hard work.


The Fuse Fitness, both its instructors and members, is a place where everyone is supportive of each other. We are all in this journey together--to be fit, healthy and strong. To live life to the fullest. Together, we will achieve our fitness goals.

Whether your 2013 goal(s) is to do a strict pull up, complete 20 push ups in a row, sprint that hill without feeling like you're going to die, do the Tough Mudder or some other crazy race, or decrease your body fat while increasing lean muscle mass---you CAN do it. Your support system is here. The year is brand new. Time to clear your mind of can't and make this year all about the new you!

Yours in health,


P.s. Feel free to email us at if you ever have any questions or need some extra support or motivation. We are here for you!