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My inner Martha Stewart comes out...

Hi everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start and that you all had a fun Halloween weekend!

Our Halloween party went inner Martha Stewart appeared....and trust me, it's been a while :) I bet most of you didn't even know I had an inner Martha least that's what one of my clients told me. Here's some pics to recap the party. According to the 10 year old girls, "it was the best party of the year!" (I know, I know, how many parties do they really go to? Whatever, it's still a compliment :))

Maybe the best decoration I did was the creepy, bloody hand....I made two, the other was in the cauldron floating around.

So yeah, I had a little fun with this. The girls all had awesome costumes, had a dance party (10 year old girls' dance party, it was good...), decorated and devoured cupcakes, danced some more, ate frosting by the HANDFUL (no joke), climbed up the huge magnolia tree in our front yard, and carved pumpkins.

Happy girls, no? Therefore, I'd say the party was a hit :)

Yours in Health (and apparently cupcakes :)),

Kristin @ The Fuse Fitness

p.s. While the girls were up in the tree, I decorated a few cupcakes myself :)