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Friday Roundup!

Hi Fusers! Happy Friday :) Hope your weeks have been good so far....the weekend is here!

Here's what we're looking forward to this weekend:

1) Giant's game tonight!!! Pascha and I are HUGE Giants fans, to the point that we'll cancel work, clients, drop everything to watch our beloved boys in orange and black in the World Series. You'll find us together tonight with our kids and friends, hooting and hollering, hoping to see our boys clinch the third game.


2) Halloween party tomorrow night! We'll be celebrating Halloween at my husband's super awesome nightclub, The Night Light, in Jack London Square on Saturday evening. The kids will be tucked away at home, and us grown-ups will be getting our party on!! All are welcome, come on out to see what Pascha and I will be dressed up as!!

3) Colusa Circle Halloween event Sunday! Our little community here on the Colusa Circle will be hosting a Halloween event for the kiddos from 10-1pm. Our studio will be making a kid's obstacle course and giving out Spooky Punch, while the other small businesses will be hosting their own kids' activities. Always a good time, come on out and visit us!! colusa

It's been a great week here, we spent all last weekend re-organizing our studio and the feedback has been great! Clients are loving the new feel of our studio, which is awesome. So grateful to Beverly and Josh for helping us out last Sunday.

And lastly, here's a roundup of all that we shared and were inspired by this week:

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Wednesday Workout!

Tabata Core 20/10 x 8 A) Hollow rocks B) Superman

AMRAP-12 minutes 1. 10 Scapular push ups 2. 10 squat jumps 3. 6 Foward/reverse lunges per side 4. Suicide sprints

Thursday "Multitasking Damages Your Brain and Career, New Studies Suggest"

Foodie Friday "8 Comforting Paleo Turkey Chilis"

Have a great weekend!!

Yours in Health,

Kristin at The Fuse Fitness

My inner Martha Stewart comes out...

Hi everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start and that you all had a fun Halloween weekend!

Our Halloween party went inner Martha Stewart appeared....and trust me, it's been a while :) I bet most of you didn't even know I had an inner Martha least that's what one of my clients told me. Here's some pics to recap the party. According to the 10 year old girls, "it was the best party of the year!" (I know, I know, how many parties do they really go to? Whatever, it's still a compliment :))

Maybe the best decoration I did was the creepy, bloody hand....I made two, the other was in the cauldron floating around.

So yeah, I had a little fun with this. The girls all had awesome costumes, had a dance party (10 year old girls' dance party, it was good...), decorated and devoured cupcakes, danced some more, ate frosting by the HANDFUL (no joke), climbed up the huge magnolia tree in our front yard, and carved pumpkins.

Happy girls, no? Therefore, I'd say the party was a hit :)

Yours in Health (and apparently cupcakes :)),

Kristin @ The Fuse Fitness

p.s. While the girls were up in the tree, I decorated a few cupcakes myself :)

Focusing on the Positive...

Hey everyone! Happy almost Friday to you! Probably will be Friday by the time you read this :)

So this week has been kinda up and down for me. There's been a lot of great things, but I've felt pretty run down all week. I think I hit a wall....and really needed some extra rest. Thankfully, I had a free hour yesterday due to a client being out of town, and I was able to hit the sauna at Iron Works...yeah, I totally fell asleep. But I woke up feeling really rejuvenated...sometimes a little extra rest does the trick ;)

But I'd rather focus on the positive here's a recap in photos and videos.

We have a new studio mascot, first discovered last Saturday. She's stayed around all week, hanging out by our front door. And yes, she's still alive, she was crawling around just earlier this evening.

Awesome Sunday sunset, captured from my living room:

This never gets old :)

I had to take a photo of my second favorite cat (1st favorite being my own of course :) ). Her name is Kit and I'm pretty sure she's having a love affair with my gym bag. For 3 years I have been going to my clients' home to train them, and Kit just can't get enough of my bag. She loves to rub herself all over it, get in and hang out. She gets a bit embarrassed when I try to take her picture, so I have to be covert about it :)

I wouldn't want to hurt my kitty's feelings, so I've gotta post a pic of her too. She is not as sweet as Kit, she bites and scratches....but I love her anyway :)

Cute, huh?

I also wanted to give a huge shout out to all our students and clients! We have been so impressed with everyone's pushups this week! It's been really awesome seeing you all break your records day after day....lovin' it!

Here's an awesome clip from this evening's Monkey Ninja Bootcamp, you guys killed it!

[wpvideo 7Tu20Ew7]

We're finishing getting ready for a Halloween party for my daughter and her girlfriends this weekend. She's very excited....and I've got a lot of baking left to do! Call me crazy, but I couldn't bear buying her a whole bunch of junky, processed candy for the goody bags. Instead, I signed myself up for making homemade Halloween treats to put in the know, in all my spare time :) It's a win win--I feel better about knowing that the homemade treats have quality ingredients. She's happy because even though she would love a bunch of candy, she knows that homemade treats always taste better in the end. I've got my work cut out for me tomorrow evening :)

I'll let you know how it goes :)

Happy Weekend and Happy Halloween!

Yours in Health,

Kristin @ The Fuse Fitness

Getting ready for Halloween

Hi friends :) Hope you're all having a great weekend. It's soooo nice outside, crazy how we really get our summer weather in the fall. What fun things have you been up to this weekend?

Yesterday we went to the Halloween store and picked up some supplies for the Halloween party we're having for Ava and 7(!) of her girlfriends next Sunday. Some things to decorate and spook up the house a bit. She's really excited and it should be a lot of fun. I'm sure things will get a little crazy having 8 10-year-olds over :)

Last night Doug and I went to a Halloween party. Our friends always have their Halloween party the weekend before Halloween, which is smart, because there's always so much going on on Halloween weekend. It was so much fun and there were so many awesome costumes! I dressed up as Raggedy Ann....

Pretty funny, huh? Someone actually told me that my "hair" looked really good, like it could be real. I was like, "Um, it's red yarn...." One of those awkward/funny moments where someone you don't really know at a party tries to make conversation and says something pretty silly.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and see what everyone was up to this weekend. I'm not quite sure what we're going to end up doing today....right now Doug and I are "watching" football (he's watching, I'm "watching") and drinking a cold beer....enjoying my rest day. After 9 hard workouts this week, it's nice to have a day off :) And on super warm days like this, an ice cold beer never tasted so good.

Yours in Health,

Kristin @ The Fuse Fitness,