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Breaking the Fast, aka breakfast

Hi Fusers! Happy Saturday everyone! You guys all did a kick-ass job this week with your workouts, thanks for keeping us constantly inspired :)

All through July we've been talking food at The Fuse. Unsurprisingly, a lot of us like to eat :)  We've been sharing awesome healthy recipes on our Facebook page, supporting one another in eating clean, and even exchanging some healthy, homemade snacks. It's a good community we have over here I tell ya. This post is going to cover the importance of eating breakfast. Which is awesome, because I sorta love breakfast :)

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom constantly proclaimed, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” It turns out mother knows best, as usual.

motherknowsbestThe name breakfast was coined to represent the meal that would break the fast after the night's sleep, and would provide energy for a long day of work. The pros of eating a healthy breakfast are huge, while the cons can have some pretty negative effects.

First the Bad News

Many people skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight. Consume less calories in the morning, create a little deficit and the pounds will shed, right?

Wrong. When the body is in a prolonged fasting state, such as when you have not eaten since dinner the night before and you skip breakfast, the body begins to panic that it might not get food any time soon. As a protective instinct the body begins to store fat (think of bears prior to hibernation). Consequently, instead of shedding weight the reverse can happen.

Simply put, the body breaks down and when you resume eating normally (not skipping breakfast/meals) you might actually gain weight because your metabolism has significantly slowed down and cannot burn calories as effectively. Double whammy.

bfastwinniethepoohThe Good News

By eating a healthy breakfast, you are revving your metabolism and kicking it into gear for the day. This in effect, helps you to lose and/or manage your weight. You will be able to have more control over your hunger throughout the day, helping reduce the urge to overeat because suddenly you're “starving”. You will be more likely to make nutritious and healthy food choices all day long, because you will have helped stabilize your blood sugar levels, which helps keep sugary and carb cravings at bay. Also, your mind will be clearer and you'll experience increased energy levels and higher productivity. You can't go wrong with these benefits.

What to Eat?

Healthy breakfast choices include foods high in protein, fruit, and veggies. Keep away from sugary, processed foods (muffins, sweetened cereals/oatmeals, donuts, pastries) and include whole, nutritious foods. A few ideas that don't take much time are eggs scrambled with veggies (spinach, kale, mushrooms, onions, peppers), protein smoothie (almond milk, frozen fruit, handful of spinach, protein powder), make ahead frozen protein pancakes, Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts, a banana with almond or sunflower seed butter, or leftovers from dinner the night before. Breakfast does not have to be a certain type of food. Think of breakfast simply as a time of day. Don't feel limited in what you can eat, leftovers could be a great, healthy choice.


So whether you're trying to lose weight or simply maintain your healthy weight, remember what mom told you, breakfast IS the most important meal.

Yours in Health,
Kristin at The Fuse Fitness