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Living life to the fullest...

Hi everyone! We've made it through the mid-week hump, which means the weekend is quickly approaching :)

Today we lost a truly inspirational, brilliant man, someone who has greatly impacted and influenced the world we live in. Steve Jobs succumbed to pancreatic cancer, and while we all knew he was gravely ill, it nonetheless comes as a huge shock and with much sadness. I wanted to share with you an amazing quote from Steve Jobs, one that is so profound on so many levels.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma -- which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Now I challenge you to really think about this....what does this mean to you? What I love about this is that it applies to everything in life. I want you to think about how this applies to you, to your health, to your dreams, to your goals. What is holding you back? What is getting in the way of achieving happiness, health, success? Really think here, find your inner voice, no matter how small it might be right now, and give it life. Feel blessed that you are alive, that you have a chance, that you have a choice....and appreciate it. It's easier said than done, however this quote really captures something special and meaningful. Something I believe we can all learn from :)

Yours in Health,

Kristin @ The Fuse Fitness,

A Pain in the Neck

Happy hump day everyone! (The mid week hump, Wednesday ;) ) So one week ago exactly, I hurt my neck. I was teaching my TRX Power class at 8:15am, and around 8:30am I felt the left side of my neck seize up and suddenly I could not bend my neck to the left. Ouch. So you ask, what was I doing? Nothing out of the ordinary, just some medicine ball burpees. At least not out of the ordinary for me, or anyone else who comes into our studio for that matter. Just a regular part of my day, as regular as brushing my teeth, getting dressed and eating.

So I did what any other "normal" person would do--I finished teaching my class, going through the rest of the workout pretending that it would just go away. Well I was wrong. I guess the term "normal" doesn't really apply here, from what I hear, most normal people would stop and rest. Well you see, rest isn't usually in my vocabulary--I have one speed, and it's GO.

I made a chiropractor appointment the very next day, found out a vertebrae in my neck had come out of alignment, probably caused by a muscle tweak or pull in my traps, which caused some nerves to become pinched...sending shooting pains through my neck, down my arm and across my shoulder. So after a 20 minute appointment, I was adjusted and massaged, ready to get back to my normal pace of GO. I was warned not to go "crazy" with my workouts. But who says 50 burpees the next day is crazy? Not me.

Well, I have to tell certainly is crazy. I made it through a couple of workouts, through the weekend, my neck was feeling better each day. Monday came along, in the middle of teaching a mid-day bootcamp my neck seized up again, sending shooting pains up and down my arm and neck. And suddenly I was faced with the reality of the situation. Rest most definitely needs to be added to the top of my vocabulary list.

The point of this post is to stress the importance of resting. The body needs rest in order to grow stronger and heal. So, another chiropractor appointment has been made for today, after 2 very painful, sleepless nights. And a commitment to at least one week of rest--no bootcamps, no burpees, no jumping. Letting my body heal and get the rest it needs.

Yours in Health,

The Fuse Fitness