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Recent Eats

Hi friends :) Just wanted to share some recent eats with you.

My husband Doug (here's your shout-out babe!) made this beautiful salad. It had mixed greens, avocado, radish, cucumber, tomato, blueberries, nectarine and feta, all organic. We ate this amazing salad with a side of organic chicken breast tenders, marinated in teriyaki, and grilled on our bbq.

A recent breakfast I made before dashing off to work...2 organic eggs scrambled with ham, a little bit of cheese, salt, pepper and chipotle chili pepper, served with avocado on top. On the side I had leftover Quinoa and Black Beans, recipe here: We put this recipe up a couple of weeks ago on Facebook when we highlighted beans as our food of the week. I added a little zing by adding pepperoncinis on top, so yummy!

 Another dish we recently highlighted on Facebook was Coconut Curry Tofu--the food of the week was curry. This was my first time cooking with tofu and I loved it! Here's the link for the recipe:, and here are some pics of the cooking process from start to finish:

Making curry sauce

Sauteing tofu in coconut oil

Cooking brown rice

Chopped up veggies

Everything simmering together

Final dish! It was delicious!

And while yes, eating well is so incredibly important, we have to leave room for treats every once in a while.

This was a special treat we shared celebrating my dad's birthday. All that fresh summer fruit was so amazing! A special treat for a very special person.

Hope you enjoy!

Yours in Health,

The Fuse Fitness