12 Clients Lost a Total of 87.3lbs in 40 Days with our NEW Semi-Private Training Program!

Hi Fusers!

By now you’ve probably heard about our awesome new Semi-Private Training Program. We are so pumped about this program because it delivers the same results of 1:1 Private Training at almost 1/2 the cost. Yes, you read that right!

Stephanie before 40 Day Challenge

Stephanie before 40 Day Challenge

We recently launched and completed our first 40 Day Challenge using this program. The 12 clients who completed this challenge lost a whopping 87.3lbs!!

If you haven’t heard much about it yet, here’s a little info. This new program is personal training, but rather than a traditional 1:1 client to trainer setting, it’s in a 3:1 setting.

Stephanie after 40 days! Lost 9.2lbs, 2.5” off her waist and 4” off her hips!

Stephanie after 40 days! Lost 9.2lbs, 2.5” off her waist and 4” off her hips!

What you will experience:

  • Boosted energy levels so you can take on your day and live your best life! Keep up with your kids this summer and have FUN doing it!

  • Increase your lean muscle mass and strength, while decreasing body fat and inches, a win-win! You CAN feel great in your body and clothes again!

  • Better sleep(!!!)—who doesn’t need this?!

  • Less stress and anxiety—regular exercise releases endorphins—the all-natural happy hormone, which is proven to lower stress levels, can help fight depression, and overall makes you happier!

  • All these things combined will leave you feeling confident, strong and empowered—a killer combination for tackling life head-on and enjoying the journey!

What you get from us:

  • Free, detailed fitness consultation where we go over your goals and medical history, as well as take you through a variety of movements to assess your strength, balance and flexibility, we can best write your fitness program.

  • Individualized, tailored strength training program catered to YOUR unique goals and needs, progressed at the rate that is right for YOU.

  • Safe and effective—if you can’t do high-impact, then we will never pressure you to do that.

  • Unlike group classes, your strength program is unique to you, just like personal training. It will not be the same program as the others in your group. While you will do a similar warmup together, the strength training portion is designed individually for each person, as we’re all different!

  • Expert-level fitness coaches who are here to support you through your fitness journey!

  • Accountability

  • Fun fitness community where you will feel like part of a tribe, supported in your goals and encouraged by others around you!

If you’d like to learn more about this program and see some of our clients’ amazing progress, click HERE.

Kristin Rios