Client of the month Mike

Here’s to our client of the month, Mike, who has been a member of the Fuse Fitness since July 2012! Mike has been a consistent member of our community since day one. He will often come in on days where he doesn’t have classes and works out on his own, always keeping his primary goals in mind to take his fitness to the next level.

“I first started coming to the Fuse Fitness because I realized that I needed a personal trainer. And at that time, I had been super inactive. I was trying to motivate myself and it wasn’t working. And I realized that I needed some kind of accountability - someone to make me come in (to the gym). Once I started (training), I enjoyed it. I began enjoying being active again. And that’s what kept me going.” - Mike

Mike is a source of inspiration to all who meet him and witness the hard work he puts into each workout. New members, as well as our own trainers push themselves further when he’s present.

Mike’s perspective on goal setting

“When I first started, my goals were pretty general. I wanted to get in better shape, needed to start moving again. Between my commute and sitting at my desk all day, I was not moving. As I’ve progressed - taking classes and working out on my own, I’ve begun developing more specific goals. I now focus on specific movements, like doing a muscle up or squatting a certain amount of weight.” - Mike

In terms of his personal goals, Mike feels that there is always room for improvement. He pushes hard to overcome any mental or physical plateaus. And he appreciates the ability to work out with our caring and supportive community. We wish Mike continued success and are deeply grateful that he has chosen the Fuse Fitness to supercharge his personal goals!

Kristin Rios