Portia's Client Success Story!


                 What a lovely family!

                 What a lovely family!

Hi Fusers!

This month we are celebrating our amazing client Portia Pirnia, a Kensington resident and member of Fuse Fitness since July 2017. Portia has been doing private training sessions between Kristin and I for almost a full year now! She is also our neighborhood realtor at Marvin Gardens who knows the East Bay neighborhoods like the back of her hand- you can find her listings here (http://www.pirniahomes.com). Portia is not only a successful realtor, but a successful client as well, and today we are celebrating her!

Portia’s initial fitness goal was to become pain free after she had hurt her back a few years ago while awkwardly lifting her daughter’s car seat out of the car. Her adorable daughter Bea (who’s 9 years old) makes a mean fitness obstacle course here at the studio. We will definitely need to add her to our instructor sub list J.  Portia also suffered from cervical nerve pain in her neck and the back of her shoulder when she joined Fuse, and attributes the injury to lack of exercise during and after being pregnant. So Portia made the decision to commit to private training sessions three times per week, to rehab her injury and increase her strength and fitness level.

We asked Portia what challenges she encountered when she began training and this is what she had to say:

“Everything was sore during and after the workouts, Kristin and Pascha were encouraging- showing up for them made the workouts bearable that first month. After a month or so, I started to look forward to our sessions and now working out feels like an important part of my weekly routine.”

Portia brings such positive energy when she comes into her training sessions and she’s so happy to be here. We appreciate her always telling us how good she feels after her workouts.

Portia has made amazing progress this year towards her goals thus far, and we are so proud of how hard she has worked! Portia not only loves the endorphin kick she feels after her workouts, but exercise and moving her body have become healthy habits again. Portia feels much stronger and confident, and has learned to trust her body again, understanding her limits and knowing how to listen to her body. Portia recently  told us that carrying luggage through the airport used to cause her so much pain and that she wasn’t able to lift her carry-on luggage into the overhead bin any longer. However, according to her, she is now pain free! What a huge success, for both her and us!!

We’ll let Portia wrap up how she feels about her time here so far. “I love the energy here at Fuse. Everyone is friendly, focused and upbeat. I really appreciate that the studio fosters a non-competitive environment. I feel like myself there--not on display or in a fishbowl, as I have at other studio/gyms. Pascha and Kristin have created an environment where I can come as I am, feel motivated to be there and get a great workout every single time.”

It hasn’t been an easy path and Portia has consistently shown up and worked at getting better one day at a time. The results have been amazing J.

Keep up the amazing work, Portia! We are all inspired by you and so proud of your awesome progress. Bring on the rest of 2018 and year #2 with us!

Yours in health,

Pascha at Fuse Fitness

P.S. We would also like to give Portia a birthday shout out! Happy Birthday Portia!