Give up a Little to Gain Some Good

Hi Fusers! This spring The Fuse Fitness is focusing on healthy behavior changes. In April the challenge was to give up at least one bad habit and in May we will be inviting you to commit to one new good habit. Today we want to talk about something in between - giving up a little to gain some good.

Not All Good or All Bad

We realize that not all habits are all bad or all good. For example, watching television, is not all good or all bad. According to the Economist Magazine, it is the number one way Americans spend their leisure time, on average about four hours a day.

However, if you know you could be in better shape, is watching four hours of TV a day the best idea? Now, before you panic, we are not saying give up TV all together, but how about giving up an hour and instead going for a walk, doing some gardening or taking you kids to the park before parking your butt on the sofa.

Take a Look at Your Lifestyle

Think about your social life. Are there some ways that you can modify your behaviors to include a little more activity? Here are just a few ideas to consider:

What about going bowling with friends and having a couple of beers instead of sitting in a bar all night?

Do you love to go out for dinner? Why not park ten blocks away from the restaurant and walk to and from dinner? Enjoy some exercise and a quiet conversation with your dinner date.

Instead of jumping on the internet and social media sites after dinner, take a 15 minute walk and then spend 15 minutes doing 50 jumping jacks, 20 sit ups and 10 push ups.  Now get on your computer and surf the net. In that half-hour you will have not missed anything online and over time that 30 minutes of exercise will help you a lot.

Take the Challenge

We invite everyone to examine their life. Where can you carve out some time from an activity that garners few health benefits and shift that time over to doing something that will make you healthier and happier? Challenge yourself, your friends and family. Give a little up to gain some good.

What are some of your ideas for modifying your lifestyle to include more activity?

Yours in Health,

The Fuse Fitness