Just Give Up!

Hi Fusers!

This is not an early April Fool’s Day joke, what we mean is just give up one bad habit.

"Give It Up!" is April's fitness challenge. The challenge for all of us is to give up one bad habit for 30 days.

give up

At Least One Bad Habit

We all have at least one habit that undermines our health and fitness goals. The challenge is to give that habit up for 30 days. If after 30 days you want to return to your old ways, it is your choice to do so. You can give up any bad habit you want, such as a bad eating habit, like giving up chocolate, or a behavior, like watching TV while you eat. Think about the one thing that you know you want to change, big or small.

One at a Time

We know it is hard to change behaviors and most experts agree that by making one change at a time, you are more likely to succeed in both the short and long run.  It takes only a few weeks to train your brain and body to adjust. The goal of this challenge is to break free of a habit that you know does not serve you. At the end of the 30-day challenge, ideally you will have accomplished the following:

1. Establish your change in behavior as a habit itself.

2. Break your addiction/unconscious reactionary thinking to your behavior.

3. Feel empowered to continue to challenge yourself in making other changes.

To keep your mind from short-circuiting, remember this is only a 30-day challenge. After 30 days you are free to go back to your old ways if you choose. Hopefully you will use moderation :)


You might not want to start with giving up your most challenging habit. If you smoke daily and every night you eat cookies, pick the behavior you are most likely to be able to give up right now.

If you fall off the wagon, get right back on! One or two slips means that you are 85% effective at reaching your goal.

Remember, you do not have to go it alone. Ask friends and family to take the "Give It Up!" challenge with you. Many people at The Fuse Fitness are ready to give up a bad habit as well. So drop by the studio and see our wall of "Give It Up!"  With support it is always easier to kick a habit.

So tell us, what is one of the bad habits you are willing to give up? Do show and tell.

Good luck!

Yours in Health,
Post written by Beverly Aabjerg