Rolling with the Punches....

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend is going well! Ours has been a lesson in....rolling with the punches. We had a bit of an upset a week and a half ago when our practically BRAND NEW bamboo laminate floors bubbled up, leaving an approximately 6ft x 2ft sized bubble. Um, yeah. What to do, what to do....

Well we realized quickly that the bubble was getting bigger and if left to its own devices would surely eventually snap, meaning that the pieces of laminate would break apart. It got increasingly more difficult as the week progressed to pretend the bubble was not there...or at least to pretend that it was going to disappear. We had to do something, and we had to do it now. We immediately called up our contractor, who came out right away to assess.

Well, he admitted, "I forgot to put a moisture barrier down." Excuse me, you forgot what? Um, you know, just an essential step in the process.

"Okay, so what does that mean?" I say.

"I need to do it all over again."

My brain begins to quickly process what this means....multiple days of work, starting back at the beginning, cancelled clients and classes, and a HUGE FREAKIN' MESS! So I had two choices....freak out and start yelling at him or roll with the punches. I chose the latter, albeit not easily. The past couldn't be changed so there was no purpose in freaking out at him. He apologized and said he'd get the job done.

So there you have it....if you've visited our class schedule and noticed many cancelled classes or walked by our studio and wondered, didn't they just open....that's the story. Good news is....floors are almost done (again)! Which means an evening of serious cleaning. And a re-grand opening Monday morning ;). C'est la vie.

Yours in Health,

The Fuse Fitness