Client of the month Erin
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Here’s to our client of the month, Erin, who joined Fuse Fitness for its caring and supportive community. We absolutely appreciate her dedication and enthusiasm, regardless of the challenge. Her biggest accomplishment so far has been strengthening her shoulders and core - reducing neck pain episodes.

Here are some fun ways to get to know Erin: 

  • Favorite exercise: box jumps

  • Favorite food: Pho, Ramen, all Asian noodle soups

  • What others may not know: I love to sing but not in front of people

  • Favorite sport: Basketball - Not only my fave sport but one of my fave things in the whole world - to watch and to play

  • Next goal: Tone up for my wedding in March 2020!

“I can feel a change in my body and strength, and also have a much higher awareness of my own body!” - Erin

Kristin Rios
12 Clients Lost a Total of 87.3lbs in 40 Days with our NEW Semi-Private Training Program!

Hi Fusers!

By now you’ve probably heard about our awesome new Semi-Private Training Program. We are so pumped about this program because it delivers the same results of 1:1 Private Training at almost 1/2 the cost. Yes, you read that right!

Stephanie before 40 Day Challenge

Stephanie before 40 Day Challenge

We recently launched and completed our first 40 Day Challenge using this program. The 12 clients who completed this challenge lost a whopping 87.3lbs!!

If you haven’t heard much about it yet, here’s a little info. This new program is personal training, but rather than a traditional 1:1 client to trainer setting, it’s in a 3:1 setting.

Stephanie after 40 days! Lost 9.2lbs, 2.5” off her waist and 4” off her hips!

Stephanie after 40 days! Lost 9.2lbs, 2.5” off her waist and 4” off her hips!

What you will experience:

  • Boosted energy levels so you can take on your day and live your best life! Keep up with your kids this summer and have FUN doing it!

  • Increase your lean muscle mass and strength, while decreasing body fat and inches, a win-win! You CAN feel great in your body and clothes again!

  • Better sleep(!!!)—who doesn’t need this?!

  • Less stress and anxiety—regular exercise releases endorphins—the all-natural happy hormone, which is proven to lower stress levels, can help fight depression, and overall makes you happier!

  • All these things combined will leave you feeling confident, strong and empowered—a killer combination for tackling life head-on and enjoying the journey!

What you get from us:

  • Free, detailed fitness consultation where we go over your goals and medical history, as well as take you through a variety of movements to assess your strength, balance and flexibility, we can best write your fitness program.

  • Individualized, tailored strength training program catered to YOUR unique goals and needs, progressed at the rate that is right for YOU.

  • Safe and effective—if you can’t do high-impact, then we will never pressure you to do that.

  • Unlike group classes, your strength program is unique to you, just like personal training. It will not be the same program as the others in your group. While you will do a similar warmup together, the strength training portion is designed individually for each person, as we’re all different!

  • Expert-level fitness coaches who are here to support you through your fitness journey!

  • Accountability

  • Fun fitness community where you will feel like part of a tribe, supported in your goals and encouraged by others around you!

If you’d like to learn more about this program and see some of our clients’ amazing progress, click HERE.

Kristin Rios
Client of the month Mike

Here’s to our client of the month, Mike, who has been a member of the Fuse Fitness since July 2012! Mike has been a consistent member of our community since day one. He will often come in on days where he doesn’t have classes and works out on his own, always keeping his primary goals in mind to take his fitness to the next level.

“I first started coming to the Fuse Fitness because I realized that I needed a personal trainer. And at that time, I had been super inactive. I was trying to motivate myself and it wasn’t working. And I realized that I needed some kind of accountability - someone to make me come in (to the gym). Once I started (training), I enjoyed it. I began enjoying being active again. And that’s what kept me going.” - Mike

Mike is a source of inspiration to all who meet him and witness the hard work he puts into each workout. New members, as well as our own trainers push themselves further when he’s present.

Mike’s perspective on goal setting

“When I first started, my goals were pretty general. I wanted to get in better shape, needed to start moving again. Between my commute and sitting at my desk all day, I was not moving. As I’ve progressed - taking classes and working out on my own, I’ve begun developing more specific goals. I now focus on specific movements, like doing a muscle up or squatting a certain amount of weight.” - Mike

In terms of his personal goals, Mike feels that there is always room for improvement. He pushes hard to overcome any mental or physical plateaus. And he appreciates the ability to work out with our caring and supportive community. We wish Mike continued success and are deeply grateful that he has chosen the Fuse Fitness to supercharge his personal goals!

Kristin Rios
Meet Tasha Hansen
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Tasha Hansen has been teaching yoga classes in Berkeley and leading weekend retreats for more than ten years. She is a graduate of the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Program in Boston; has studied at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India; and was certified by Sivananda in Quebec. Her classes combine attention to detailed alignment in individual poses along with occasional unbroken sequences of poses inspired by a love of dance. Tasha’s succinct instruction provides clear guidance yet offers generous moments of silence to deepen internal awareness. In addition to yoga, Tasha teaches English for Art Purposes to international college students.

Kristin Rios
Client of the month Kyra Millich

Our client of the month is Kyra Millich. Kyra has trained with the Fuse Fitness since Fall 2018. An avid athlete for most of her life, Kyra was looking to get her strength and confidence back after several years of inactivity due to an MS diagnosis in 2013. We developed a plan that focused on helping her build balanced habits, steadily making improvements to boost muscle mass, improve agility, and regain mobility.

In late 2018, Kyra decided it was time to regain trust and strength in her body, but she was hesitant to join a typical gym. She was concerned that she might not be able to perform on par with others in the class. She had imbalance issues and dragged her left foot. She wanted a more individualized and attentive approach for her journey back to great health.

“I was afraid that I would fall or not be strong enough. Not trusting my body was really scary, and asking for help was difficult. I used to be in great shape and had a lot of guilt, self-loathing, and embarrassment. I eventually realized that I just had to accept my feelings at that time,” said Kyra. “ Kristin and Pascha were caring, considerate, non-judgemental, and fun. Their approach was very gradual and attentive. I felt very safe in their hands. Through their support, encouragement, and deep knowledge of fitness fundamentals - I got the strength, trust, and balance back in my body.”

With our personalized guidance and support, Kyra has transformed into an active member of our community. She is now focused on looking good, feeling fit, and continuously challenging herself.

“Anyone who is suffering from an injury or physical condition might have to deal with their ego, but should strongly consider personal training. Merge with the pain and just keep moving forward. If not now, than when?” - Kyra Millich

Kristin Rios
Meet Maya Woodson Turman
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Maya is a modern dancer who has studied yoga for over 20 years. She received her BA in Dramatic Art - Dance and Economics from the University of California, Berkeley and is a recent graduate of the Yoga Room’s 500-hour Advanced Studies Program. Maya’s classes focus on alignment, building core strength, inner focus and breath. She excited to share the benefits of yoga with her students.

Kristin Rios
Client of the month Kristin Long
Client of the Month_Fuse Fitness_February 2019.jpg

Our client of the month is Kristin Long, who we met at an outdoor bootcamp at Memorial Park. She had been a member of the Berkeley Y for many years and was looking to push herself physically.

Kristin was a competitive figure skater as a child and enjoyed pushing herself to new heights. Exercise was her stress reliever as well, and she wanted to stay active in order to maintain her mental health.

We consulted with Kristin to achieve several goals:

  • Weight management, specifically increasing muscle mass, boosting metabolism, and strength-building

  • Maintaining a balanced and sustainable outlook on health and wellness

  • Incorporating nutrient-rich recipes into her fast-paced lifestyle

We have witnessed an amazing transformation in Kristin’s energy levels, a process that she is excited to keep working on every day!

“After several outdoor bootcamps with Kristin she announced that she would open The Fuse Fitness Studio with Pascha and I knew I had found my place. I love the challenge and variety of workouts at The Fuse. It's also quite apparent that they are very thoughtful about finding just the right trainers as I have never been disappointed!

The classes are difficult and different every time. I have been a member since they opened and I don't think I have repeated a workout yet!” - Kristin Long

Kristin had some interruptions due to injuries over the years, but we have always been on hand to make modifications in order to keep her moving. Our supportive fitness community allowed her to work through those hurdles and maintain accountability throughout her fitness journey.

Kristin’s long-term goals include continuing to build strength, maintain a healthy weight, and fight off her genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease.

As always, we are proud to work with Kristin every step of the way.

Kristin Rios
Nutrient Check-In
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Nutrition is fascinating. It can cure nutrition-related disease, improve health and prevent illness. Since the connection between early day scurvy treatment with foods high in vitamin C, and more recently, folic acid intake during pregnancy to prevent brain and spinal cord defects, individual nutrients have gained our attention. Historically, the study of nutrition dates not so far back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s—one of the “newer” areas of science. And we’ve learned a lot over the last 120+ years. But we’ve also been subjected to inaccuracies and myths about nutrition.

Interest in improving health often comes with increasing awareness of nutrition, and focus on optimal dietary intake. So what do you do? Is a varied diet enough to deliver all the nutrients your body needs each day? Or do you need a supplement to provide optimal nutrition?

Here are some considerations when deciding if you are getting sufficient nutrients or if you need to add additional nutrients to your diet.

1. Is your daily food intake meeting your nutrient requirements? Certain ways of eating truly lack adequate nutrient intake. For example, diets high in processed and fast foods or reduced calorie diets. Consider using a diet and nutrition tracker or visit a registered dietitian nutritionist to evaluate your intake and determine if you are deficient or low in any macro or micro nutrients. Variety is the key to getting all the key nutrients.

2. Are you following a diet that excludes specific food groups? This can put you at risk for deficiencies of some nutrients. For example, a vegetarian or vegan diets that exclude animal foods is low in iron and vitamin B12.

3. Do you have a health condition that causes nutrient loss due to increased needs or decreased absorption? Intestinal diseases like irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease can interfere with nutrient absorption; food allergies or intolerances that exclude food groups can cause deficiencies; a gluten-free or dairy-free diet that eliminates specific nutrients like B vitamins, calcium and vitamin D.

4. Does your physical activity increase nutrient requirements? For example, extra protein for building muscle mass; greater calorie intake for high intensity or long endurance exercise. Often, eating the extra food to meet calorie and protein demands also means you are getting additional vitamins and minerals as well.

Over-nutrition is the consumption of one or more excess nutrients. For example, excess calories, excess fat or excess protein. Supplementing with excess vitamins or minerals or even specific amino acids can also cause over-nutrition.

Under-nutrition is the inadequate intake of one or more nutrients. Causes include poor appetite, fad diets, eating disorders and diseases that prevent intake or absorption of nutrients.

A healthy, well-balanced diet does not require nutrient supplementation unless there is a specific reason as in the above examples. Concentrate on choosing fresh, whole foods that are nutrient dense. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low or nonfat dairy products, lean meats or plant-based protein sources and healthy fats.

Kristin Rios
Client of the month Vicky J.

We are so proud of our client Vicky - who was overweight and diagnosed with prediabetes in 2010. When she joined the Fuse Fitness, she had not worked out in two years.

While Vicky had always been relatively active, regularly walking her dog and hiking - she was ready for a more holistic fitness program that focused on her core needs. A previous personal trainer referred Vicky to Pascha and Kristin - who encouraged her to enroll in a circuit program in 2011. By 2013, Vicky’s quality of life had dramatically changed.

Pleased with her weight loss, boosted metabolism, and higher energy - Vicky enrolled in boot-camp-style training at the Fuse Fitness. At this point, she was determined to maintain a more rigorous training schedule as well as maintain balanced habits and a positive outlook.

It was not always easy for Vicky to maintain lifestyle changes, but as a pre-diabetic, she knew the leap was necessary for her long-term health and wellness. Vicky found herself happier and energized throughout the entire week - without the energy crashes so often felt by those with prediabetes or diabetes.

In addition, Vicky enjoyed the ability of the supportive trainers at the Fuse Fitness to create a personalized plan to address chronic issues, as well as accommodating for injuries and varying abilities throughout her journey.

While Vicky had the intention of returning to a personal training program for about a year before joining Fuse Fitness - she has been able to sustain progress for more than five years with the support of our attentive certified personal trainers and caring community.

As a busy working professional, Vicky enjoys the flexibility of each trainer at the Fuse Fitness - each with a unique style, which helps her overcome plateaus to continuously grown and improve. She’s found that the greatest challenge was simply waking up and getting to the gym each morning.

Through the encouragement of her son, close family, and friends, Vicky has been able to achieve significant weight loss. This is by far her greatest accomplishment.

What’s next for Vicky? She says the sky’s the limit. “I feel motivated to continue further developing my strength and fitness.”

If you’re ready to kickstart your journey to a better body, contact us today!

Yours in health,

Pascha and Kristin

Kristin Rios
Portia's Client Success Story!


                 What a lovely family!

                 What a lovely family!

Hi Fusers!

This month we are celebrating our amazing client Portia Pirnia, a Kensington resident and member of Fuse Fitness since July 2017. Portia has been doing private training sessions between Kristin and I for almost a full year now! She is also our neighborhood realtor at Marvin Gardens who knows the East Bay neighborhoods like the back of her hand- you can find her listings here ( Portia is not only a successful realtor, but a successful client as well, and today we are celebrating her!

Portia’s initial fitness goal was to become pain free after she had hurt her back a few years ago while awkwardly lifting her daughter’s car seat out of the car. Her adorable daughter Bea (who’s 9 years old) makes a mean fitness obstacle course here at the studio. We will definitely need to add her to our instructor sub list J.  Portia also suffered from cervical nerve pain in her neck and the back of her shoulder when she joined Fuse, and attributes the injury to lack of exercise during and after being pregnant. So Portia made the decision to commit to private training sessions three times per week, to rehab her injury and increase her strength and fitness level.

We asked Portia what challenges she encountered when she began training and this is what she had to say:

“Everything was sore during and after the workouts, Kristin and Pascha were encouraging- showing up for them made the workouts bearable that first month. After a month or so, I started to look forward to our sessions and now working out feels like an important part of my weekly routine.”

Portia brings such positive energy when she comes into her training sessions and she’s so happy to be here. We appreciate her always telling us how good she feels after her workouts.

Portia has made amazing progress this year towards her goals thus far, and we are so proud of how hard she has worked! Portia not only loves the endorphin kick she feels after her workouts, but exercise and moving her body have become healthy habits again. Portia feels much stronger and confident, and has learned to trust her body again, understanding her limits and knowing how to listen to her body. Portia recently  told us that carrying luggage through the airport used to cause her so much pain and that she wasn’t able to lift her carry-on luggage into the overhead bin any longer. However, according to her, she is now pain free! What a huge success, for both her and us!!

We’ll let Portia wrap up how she feels about her time here so far. “I love the energy here at Fuse. Everyone is friendly, focused and upbeat. I really appreciate that the studio fosters a non-competitive environment. I feel like myself there--not on display or in a fishbowl, as I have at other studio/gyms. Pascha and Kristin have created an environment where I can come as I am, feel motivated to be there and get a great workout every single time.”

It hasn’t been an easy path and Portia has consistently shown up and worked at getting better one day at a time. The results have been amazing J.

Keep up the amazing work, Portia! We are all inspired by you and so proud of your awesome progress. Bring on the rest of 2018 and year #2 with us!

Yours in health,

Pascha at Fuse Fitness

P.S. We would also like to give Portia a birthday shout out! Happy Birthday Portia!